Specialists of the law firm “Engross” provide advice and assistance on obtaining permits for conformity assessment
and product certification in the field of technical regulations as follows:
Certification testing such as:
Certificate of Conformity in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations:
Declaration of Conformity (Declaration on the products):
The conclusion of the Ministry of Health:
Expert opinion:
Trademarks and patents:
Certification of ISO:
Development of technical documentation producers:
Quality of products – are properties that determine the ability of products to meet the needs of consumers in accordance with its purpose.
Ukrainian state control authorities are closely watching the performance of domestic and imported by enterprises of all necessary requirements for product quality. That’s why CERTIFICATION AND / OR DECLARATION products is high priority for confirmation of product quality. Ignoring these rules will result in an inability to sales in the domestic market of Ukraine.
In Ukraine – National System of Certification (Certification), the organizational basis of which determine the quality of state standards of Ukraine (DSTU)
Declaration system products, which define the basis of technical regulations for each type of product (the laws of Ukraine).
To obtain a certificate of conformity, the applicant shall submit to the authorized body for the certification application and a list of necessary documents for certified products, further analyzes of the data and issued a certificate of conformity, details of which shall be entered in the State Register of UkrSEPRO.
To register a declaration of conformity, the applicant shall submit to the designated conformity assessment body application and list of required documents, further analyzes of the data and recorded a declaration, the data which are entered in the official register of designated conformity assessment body.
Making these documents allows you to:
Increase the competitiveness of products.
Suppliers and producers to be confident in the quality of products.
Make products more attractive to consumers.
Provides great advantages when participating in tenders.
Thus, it becomes clear that these procedures are not only required elements of an effective sales on the domestic market, but also powerful means to increase competitiveness. By entrusting us the paperwork, you will get rid of all the unnecessary hassle and get you the necessary document that will allow you to expand opportunities for their products and strengthen its market position.