About us

    The company “Engross” is an association of professional lawyers whose main goal is  to do best  for your success. Our work – is to provide quality legal services in different forms which are convenient for you – verbally or in writing form, in our office or on-site at your office. We provide legal services in all law areas, offer legitimate options out of the situation, taking into account the specifics of each case. “Engross” has established relationships with government and judicial authorities which allows you to solve tasks quickly.
    We work for you and our reference point is  to get a positive result.
    “Engross” will be glad to see you among our clients and is willing to provide legal protection which is necessary for  solving any problem issues.
    Specialists of the law company “Engross” provide advices and assistance in obtaining permit documents of conformity assessment and product certification in the sphere of Technical Regulations (directives) as the following:
    • Products Certification of in the state UkrSEPRO system
    • Assessment and certification of companies  ( Quality Management System with accordance ISO 9001 requirement)
    • testing of products, product tests-reports, products expertise
    • certification in the sphere of Technical Regulations (directives)
    • registration of conformity declarations  for different products

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